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Spring clean and nets preparation

The lockdown has put paid to our early training plans, but some dry weather has given us a chance to tidy up the kit and mark up the training net with bowling and batting creases.

ICC standard collapsible pitch-marking template 

Squeaky-clean kit container. Wonder how this will look after 2 weeks’ training?

Ready to roll!


Net practice area renewed at TPSK

Thanks to generous support from the Stadt Köln and our friends at TPSK, we were able to completely replace the old uneven practice area with a brand new carpet placed on top of a flat, bouncy base. Finally CICC has a practice area where members can really hone their batting skills on a surface offering true bounce and a bit of pace!

Here’s a short photo montage of how it happened:

Paving-stone base

Rubbery matting glued onto the paving – careful to get the bubbles out!

Top layer carpet – still some bumps to stretch out and bolt down at the edge

Net cage back in place and waiting for carpet to dry